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Friday, May 31, 2002

A Post 9/11 Fairy Tale

Mohammed Atta awoke to a blinding white light, orchestral music, and someone walking towards him. He stood up just as this man reached him.

"Who are you?" He asked the man.

"My name... Is Peter..." The man answered.

"So... Then this is Nirvana?"


Atta dropped to his knees and yelled out, "Praise be to Allah!"

"Get up... Get up..."

Atta stood, an excited look on his face. "So I get seven virgins now, right?"


"Bring them on! Oh, glory be to Allah!"

Out walks a beautiful blonde woman, dressed in teddy and a see thru nightie.

Atta looked down and said,"Thank you, Ousama! Thank you!"

Peter nodded and Atta went for her. He ripped her nightie off and teddy in two quick pulls. He looked her up and down. Beautiful blonde hair, luscious red lips, a long neck, large, supple breasts, a taut stomach, a solid steel chastity belt...

"Excuse me? Peter?"

"Yes, Atta?"

"What is this... This... thing?"

"It is a chastity belt, Atta. She has worn this for many years now. There are small, tiny protruding razors at the urination hole. She is quite safe from courters and still quite the virgin."

"How does it come off, Peter?" He hissed, getting impatient.

"It can't, Atta. The key was destroyed by Allah himself. She is to remain pristine forever."

Atta waved his hand at her, beconing her to leave. He was clearly disgusted. "At least I have six others..."

"Yes, you do..." Peter answered as another woman came walking out, dressed like quite the tramp and quite thin.

"She is...Attractive, yes?"

Atta looked at her. "Yes, but... Is she sick?"

"Well, actually yes. She was a crack whore in Detoit. She used an infected needle and died of an OD... But she had AIDS as well... So..."


"Yes... AIDS..."

"Next please."

"Yes, well, there are five more..."

Peter motioned with his hand and another beautiful lady came forward from the mist.

"This one is nice!" Atta said, leering at her.


Atta walked forward and started caressing her. She began to moan. He ran his hands over her smallish breasts, down her curvy hips and quickly up her micro-mini skirt. He stopped and yanked his hand away...

"Peter!" He yelled at the other man.

"Yes, Atta? Is she not to your satisfaction?"

"She, is a he! She has a penis!"

"Of course she does. She is a transexual. She is basically a woman in every aspect but that. She has a penis instead of a vagina."

"You must be kidding me! Whoever heard of such a thing?"

Peter looked impatiently at Atta. He simply shook his head an motioned for the next girl. She was gorgeous. Long black hair, dressed in scarves. Atta instantly became aroused. He stripped her of her scarves, laid her down and pulled down his pants.

"Finally!" He yelled, as he pushed himself inside of her. Suddenly he screamed in pain and pulled out of the woman, with maggots attached to his penis. He yanked them off and ran behind Peter.

"What in all that is holy was THAT?!" He demanded.

A faint smile lit Peter's lips. "That," he explained, "Was Hel. She has maggots in her vagina, they satisfy her sexually."

Peter looked at Atta's bleeding, and grinned. "Apparently, they didn't for you."

"No! Blast it! I have three left. Only three! I gave up my life for this!"

"Yes, well..." Peter's voice trailed off.

"Next one please!" Atta demanded.

Peter looked at Atta's bloody penis. "Are you quite sure you're up to it?"

"Just bring me the bitch!"

Peter nodded. "Very well..."

In walked a small Pit Bull, foaming at the mouth. Atta, who was afraid of dogs, cringed.

"What is THIS?!" He yelled.

"You said to bring you the bitch. This is your fifth virgin, Atta..."

"Not a dog bitch. A woman!"

"No one ever said the virgins would all be women..."


The pit bull jumped at Atta, chased him around Peter for a minute, and finally caught his leg. Atta fell as the pit bull bit his legs and buttocks. Atta flipped over to fend off the dog, and knocked it aside. This fueled the dog's anger as it went berserk on him, finally leaving him a shredded, bloody mess. He lay there sobbing.

"Ready for number six, Atta..."

He simply waved his hand and continued whimpering. Out walked a quite attractive brunette of latino descent. She was scantily clad. Atta looked at her and then at Peter.

"She is not diseased?"

"No, Atta..."

"No belt?"

"No Atta..."

"Not a MAN?!"

"Show him..." Peter said to the woman.

She stripped to the buff. Quite attractive. Atta's wounded penis rose to attention.

"Come to me..." He smiled, lecherously.

She walked over, her hands behind her back. Atta reached for her. Petter interrupted.

"Lorena, don't forget this..." Peter pulled out a butcher's knife. Lorena took it an lopped Atta's penis off with one swing. He screamed in pain and groped for his missing manhood.

"Atta, this is Lorena Bobbitt, perhaps you have heard of her? She cut off her husband's penis about ten years ago..."

Atta bawled like a child, holding his groin.

"No? Well. No matter. Here girl!"

The pit bull returned, grabbed the detached penis and swallowed it with one bite.

"Are you ready for the final virgin, Atta..."

"WHAT IS THE POINT?! I am without my penis! You blind fool! Why did you let that dog eat my penis? What is going on here? I thought you said this was Nirvana?"

Peter smiled, an evil look took his eyes.

"This IS Nirvana, Atta... We named it after the BAND Nirvana after Kurt Cobain senselessly killed himself."

"Who? What? What is this place then?"

"This, you fool, is Ti'it Ha-yawen."

Atta cringed. "Ti'it Ha-yawen? The Hell of Man's..."

"Making... The sixth layer of hell. You blind bastard. This is where senseless suicides go... So easily manipulated by someone else to give up your life for his cause. If he believes it to be true, why hasn't he given himself up for his cause? Here, you snivelling idiot, eat this."

Peter handed Atta some meat. Atta took a sniff and a bite.

Peter smiled.

"That was a piece of your acomplice's buttocks, Atta. How did it taste?"

"WHO ARE YOU?!" Atta asked, spitting out the meat.

"I was called Peter the Great by some. And inhuman butcher by others. I killed my own people and fed them to the peasants for food. They thought it was cattle. In fact, more than half of them ended up eating their relatives. Sons, mothers, wives..."


"Atta, enough. Now it is time for the seventh virgin. Are you prepared?"

"N-n-no... I..."

Out walked a pretty blonde. Perfectly normal looking, quite attractive. She was wearing what looked to be a long white lab coat.

"W-what is w-w-wrong with her?"

"Nothing... Well...Okay something... You see, you and your 18 friends are responsible for her death. As well as the deaths of, I believe, 2,892 others."


"She is here to avenge them... If only in a small way..."

"What can she do to me? What more can possibly be done?"

The young lady spoke.

"I am going to strap you to a table and hook you up to an intrvenous drip and respirator. The table is actually a large table saw. We will make small marks every centimeter or so along the length of your body. Every day, for 2,893 days, you will be visited by one of the people you killed. Every day, we will slice off a small portion of you, cauterizing the wound with a blowtorch. We will do this to you, keeping you alive against your will, until there is nothing left of you and you die."

"I am dead already, fool."

"Precisely, which is why after you die, this starts all over again."

She strapped him in, hooked up the IV drip and turned on the respirator.

"S-s-so this..."

"Goes on for eternity. Forever..."

The table saw blazed into life.

"Welcome to the afterlife, asshole."

Lee 5/31/2002 10:28:00 AM [+]

Thursday, May 30, 2002


Okay. First things first. Everyday I have my little list of things to do on the internet. I have no order. I have no priorities, but I do them all faithfully everyday. They are:

  • Check out the Overtime website, see how many hits we've gotten. I know it's frikkin' petty, but hey...
  • Check out Mad City Noir, my friend, Rob Matsushita's website. I check his blog daily. You can too!
  • Check out Will Wheaton Dot Net. Yes, THAT Wil Wheaton. Seriously, it's great! You'll get hooked. Look for comments by "Spudnuts"...
  • Check out Unrealistic Expectations, a site which Rob and I do reviews for. It's one seriously cool-ass blog!
  • Check out Rocker Down, another site I write for. Rocker Down is the answer to Cowboy Up. Rocker down is for serious rock and rollers!
  • Check out The Van Halen News Desk to see who the new frikkin' singer is... I have been doing this daily for two frikkin' years!
  • Check out Delphi Forums to check on sci-fi stuff and my APBA games...
  • Go to Angelfire who hosts the band site and try to keep it current.
  • Check out Fark for news tidbits. Fark is a site of links to all kinds of crazy, informative and even silly stuff. Plus they got boobies... (Gotta love that!)

Now, I told you all of that just to mention Fark.

Hey, nobody is making you stay... (And from the traffic lately, apparently nobody is making you show up at all...)

I bring up Fark because you really can find out some great stuff on there. For instance:ABC bleeps out the word Jesus, or Anna Kournikova falls on her ass. The Sun is there, and this little nugget that spurred me to write this whole long, drawn out farking diatribe: Ren and Stimpy are returning!

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Why does this spur me on to such gushing happiness? Three reasons: 1. John Kricfalusi (the show's creator who left after a heated battle with Nickelodeon) is BACK!!!, 2. When he did the show, it was one of the funniest cartoons I have EVER seen, and 3. My cat was named Stimpy, okay?

I do have one question though... How does anybody have a "heated battle" with fucking Nickelodeon?

It's a god-damned kids network! They used to show "Pinwheel" for like six hours a day!


Well anyways, check out the link for Ren and Stimpy news. Check out the sites, you 'll love them all. I am outta here for now!

And no, I haven't forgotten to do a write-up on the shows...

Wise ass...

Lee 5/30/2002 07:29:00 PM [+]

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

The story of OVERTIME

This trio originally formed back in 1990 and has gone through many band lineups and names. It started with the three of us and Vocalist Mike "The Great White Hister" Lacey in a band called Eclipse. That band was short-lived, lasting from February, 1990 until about July, 1990. We did, however, play our friend Cheryl's Graduation Party.

After that, we joined up with Guitarist Jay Lehrhoff and formed Buck Naked. We did play one show in Montclair calling ourselves Eclipse, but immediately changed it after the show.

At the show in Montclair, we hooked up with a friend of Jay and Danny's, named Paco DeRosiers. He soon became our lead vocalist, and after a few shows at The Cove in Roselle Park and again at the place in Montclair, the band changed names again in January of 1991. The next name stuck for a while, Self Defense.

But initially, Self Defense was short-lived, as the band disolved in March, 1991. Lee & Blair went on to form a new group with Guitarist Brad Goodwin and Drummer T.J. Donohue called Tempest. But that lasted only for about four months, until Lee met a Singer/Guitarist at Rite Aid who would spark a reunion. That Guitarist was Yvonne Christian.

Discovering a mutual love of guitar and classic rock, Lee and Yvonne quickly became friends and decided to try and get something together. Blair and Danny quickly joined the ranks and Lee's friend, Vocalist Billy Nolan signed up as well to reform Self Defense.

From here, the band's history took many turns. Billy was only with the band for a few months, leaving in December of 1991. In the summer of 1992, Yvonneleft, starting her own band with Blair, Lee, and Drummer Tony Scalera (currently of The Barflys). This would become Yvonne & The Boys.

Vocalist John Bis (currently of Blendre) tried out for the band, but before anything happened, Danny left for personal reasons. With Self Defense temporarily on the back-burner, Blair, Lee, John,
and Drummer Ed Mulcahy (currently of Blendre) formed Stepping Stone. Together the four wrote a rock musical called Awareness, but the whole project was shelved before it ever played anywhere.

After Stepping Stone disbanded, Blair and Lee put Self Defense back together in early 1993. The lineup had Yvonne back on Guitar/Vocals, and our old friend Eugene Davis on Drums. After a while, Yvonne left to concentrate full-time on Yvonne & The Boys. She was replaced in the summer of `93 by Jerry Brown.

But by the fall of `93, Self Defense once again disbanded. But the break-up was short-lived, as Danny and Columbia High School classmate, Guitarist Angelo Silvestro joined up and we were back at it. For the next year and a half, this lineup would not change, and several songs were written. However, during that time, the band disolved twice. Finally, in May of 1995, we called it quits on Self Defense for good.

In September of 1996, we were back together again, but under a different name and for a different reason. The band, now consisting of Angelo, Blair, Danny, Lee, and Percussionist/Vocalist Rocky Thompson, reformed to be a cover band, going under the name of OVERTIME.

But things originally didn't work out so well. Being a new father, Danny was having trouble meeting the time demands of being in a band, and Angelo just couldn't get into the musical choices. In March of 1997, OVERTIME disbanded.

Again, the breakup was short lived, as Blair, Rocky, and Lee hooked up with old friend, Drummer T.J. Donohue and, in late `97, Vocalist/Guitarist Teri Ryan.

The first shows OVERTIME played were open mike nights at The Old Homestead in Irvington, hosted by Easy Rider & The Cruisers. This eventually lead to paying gigs, as well as a house party in the summer of 1998.

After the house party, Teri left. We went through several guitarists until landing with John Scalera. The five of us played a great Halloween party at The 43rd Street Cafe in October, but unfortunately, John and Rocky left right afterwards.

The good thing was, we quickly replaced him with the husband and wife duo of GuitaristKarl and Vocalist Lori Lauber. We expanded our horizons and played at The Silo Pub in Union, as well as now having a regular gig at The Old Homestead.

But in early summer of 1999, Karl started having terrible pains in his hands, and had to stop playing for a while, forcing the band into a short period of hibernation. With The Laubers out, we had to find new musicians. We discovered T.J.'s co-worker, Guitarist Dave Grasso, who introduced us to his brother-in-law, Keyboardist Paul Laikowski. This lineup of OVERTIME played it's first show in December of 1999 for Lee's wife, Sheila's birthday party at Melody's Bar & Grille in Kenilworth.

But soon the band was uncomfortable playing "jammed" versions of songs, so the five of us went back to the basement to practice and woodshed. But months of downtime was getting to Blair and Lee. They wanted to play out again. Then a voice from the past called up.

In June of 2000, Lee got a call from Danny, wanting to get a cover band together. Having been through this before, Blair and Lee initially hesitated, but quickly agreed to give it a shot. A challenge was set by the three of us, six weeks or bust. We wanted to have no less than 50 songs within six weeks, or else we were going to concede it was a bad idea and quit altogether.

All of our musical futures depended on this one last chance. Danny was now the father of three and working 60 hours a week. Lee was working full-time with his wife on saving for her to finish college. Blair had a job that took up sixty hours a week. We were all pushing hard on 30, and we were all becoming too busy to do this, unless we got it rolling fast.

We pulled the old setlists from when we played out with T.J. and got together any basic rock and rollers we could. For six weeks straight, we practised at Stage Left Studios. During the fifth week, it hit us. We actually had 75 songs, all ready to go. I called our friends at Melody's and booked a show. By the seventh week, in June of 2000, we were playing out again.

The rest, as they say, is history. We have been steadily building a following throughout northern New Jersey for two years now. We have played everywhere from Denville to Hoboken to Union. Our range of towns played is ever growing. We have even been featured on WDHA's Homegrown Spotlight this past March!

For three guys who didn't know if they would be musicians much longer, things have turned out all right. Danny and his wife had their fourth child in 2001. Lee's wife is currently back in college, about to enter her senior year. Blair has lightened his work load a bit, as well. But all three of us are living a dream right now, to be working musicians! Thanks for stopping by!

Workin' all day, Rockin' all night!

Lee 5/28/2002 01:12:00 AM [+]

Friday, May 24, 2002

A New WTC Proposed

I was coming out of Penn Station in New York this morning on my way to work, and someone was handing out flyers for a proposed new WTC. There was a website mentioned, so I checked it out. The New World Trade Center 2002 :: Proposal for a new beginning

I looked it over and I thought the idea was fantastic. It features 50 high speed elevators (Each named after a state!) and the bio-sphere at ground level will feature 2,833 trees, or one tree for every person who perished on 9/11. The trees will all be named for a victim, feature their picture, and will serve as a living memorial to them.

I have no idea where you may stand on this matter, but I firmly believe that we should rebuild the WTC, in some way, shape or form. If we don't, then; a) the terrorists win, and b) we might as well tear down every skyscraper in the country, because they could be next, and since we've decided to live in fear, why give them more targets? Let's tear them all down and live in caves...

Oh, yeah, that's what the FUCKING TERRORISTS do already...

Folks, we need to put those towers back up, bigger and more beautiful than ever.

Lee 5/24/2002 09:18:00 AM [+]

Thursday, May 23, 2002


Hello fun seekers! Still waiting on the Irish Cottage writeup? Well, I'm still waiting on writing it. I need some time to put it together with the photos from the show. Soon. I promise. Before the show at The Liberty Tavern on Saturday.

What I'd like to tell you about now, chillun, is a pretty cool site called RateItAll.com - The Opinion Network. It's a great place to go and rant and rave about everything and anything. Got an opinion on President Bush? Leave it there! Thought Spider-Man was awesome? Give it a rating.

Start on my page, see what I've rated (if you like) and then sign-up and leave some opinions of your own! Enjoy! Be back later!

Lee 5/23/2002 09:24:00 AM [+]

Wednesday, May 22, 2002


I check out a great site called Unrealistic Expectations every day. It's a really cool blog that a few of my friends are writers for. I was there this morning checking it out and found a posting by Roughy, the site's owner, called Papa Don't Preach. It was about how he was glad that his biological father left his mother because he was a jerk. His adoptive father was a great dad for him and he would have missed out on that if his biological father had stuck around.

I get his point. But do I agree with it?

I couldn't disagree with him more.

My dad was not the greatest guy in the world. In fact, he never even wanted kids at all. In his eyes, I was an accident.

He smoked pot excessively (something he told me about when I was 13!!), he was a miserable son-of-a-bitch most of the time (probably because he owned two businesses and worked 80-90 hours a week, EVERY week), he missed most of my baseball games (my biggest passion in life), and to be truthful. due to his work schedule, he missed most of everything.

My mother split up with him when I was 11 and he went off the deep end, becoming a serious alcholic, running his business into the ground, even totalling his car while driving drunk one night.

Then he was killed when I was 15, and I subsequently found out he was dealing drugs.

But there is not a day that goes by where I don't miss him. There is not a major life event where I don't shed a tear that he isn't there to share it with me. There are times where I would give up just about anything I have to have just one more day with him.

Because when you get through all the fucked up shit about him, he loved me.He may not have wanted me at first, but he loved me from birth, right up to when he died. And I love him right back.

Sometimes even a small percentage of being a parent CAN be enough. As long as that small percentage is all about love.

For the last three months of my dad's life, he and I were not speaking. Mostly due to my utter disgust for his alcholism and pot-smoking. The last time I spoke with him, the morning he died, he told me he was trying to stop drinking and that he was done with pot.

I asked him why.

He said it was for me. That was all I ever needed to know he loved me.

Sometimes anything is better than nothing.

Lee 5/22/2002 09:57:00 AM [+]

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Attack Of The Clones

I have been an almost lifelong Star Wars fan. I saw A New Hope (which we always just called Star Wars...) back when it came out in 1977. I was six. Luke Skywalker was like a God. I was hooked.

I'm sure many of you can relate...

Unless perhaps you thought Han Solo was a God... Or Chewie... Or Leia... Maybe even Darth Vader himself...

When the original three were rereleased about 5 years ago, I was there, loving every minute of it. And then three years ago, The Phantom Menace came along. I loved it. I still love it. Darth Maul was awesome. Ditto Quai-Gon Jinn. I fell in love with Natalie Portman. I cheered on Ewan MacGregor. I didn't mind Jar-Jar Binks that much... But then again, I went to high school with Ahmed Best (who played Jar-Jar), so...

I really didn't like Jake Lloyd that much. The "Yippee!" every ten seconds was becoming tedious...

Now, along comes the fifth movie of six, Attack Of The Clones. I went on Friday night to see it with my wife. Midnight showing. Theater suprisingly not jammed full of people. Good!

I am not going to give away any plot points, but will reference certain things. I loved the movie. Hayden Christiansen was very good as the tormented yet talented Anakin. You honestly don't know whether to like him or hate him. He is a hot shot.

Obi-Wan is still played marvellously by MacGregor, and Portman's Amidala is now basically a sex symbol. (She spend half the movie in a skin tight white outfit, which later get ripped to bare her midriff... Ohhhhhh... Midriff.....)


But the biggest kudos go to Yoda. As I am sure you have heard by now, Yoda's got game! serious game! He walks along doing his Yoda thing until the end, when he breaks out his lightsaber and goes freaking apeshit! He is all over the place, moving better and faster than Darth Maul!

Which leads to my one real complaint about AOTC, Dooku. Christopher Lee is a great actor, but they sure picked the wrong frigging guy for his role. Especially since he obviously can't keep up in the lightsabre fights! I'm sorry but him holding his own against three Jedi's? I don't believe that shite for a damned second.

I was going to say that Sam L. Jackson was only 54 compared to Lee's... Well, I was gonna look it up. I figured he'd be about 60-65. And I was gonna say how much better Sam looked in the lightsabre fights than Lee using age to compare them. But I just looked up Lee's age and the boy is gonna be 80 on the 27th!!! JESUS PLEASE US!

Seeing how much lightsabre work Lee had to do, I would have gone with a younger actor than this. I understand he was supposed to be Quai-Gon's teacher, and that Yoda taught him, but...

In all, I thought it was better than Phantom Menace, and possibly even as good as Return Of The Jedi, but it doesn't touch A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back. I give it four out of five stars.

Have a writeup later this week about the show this past Saturday at the Irish Cottage. Se Ya!

Lee 5/21/2002 11:30:00 AM [+]

Friday, May 17, 2002

"Friends" Meets Fonzie...

Folks. Truth time here. Time for me to tell you a little bit about me. I am a big-time comedy buff. Comedians. Newspaper Comics. Satire. Black Comedy (literal or figurative). Improv. Comedic Movies. Sitcoms. I love to laugh. Period.

One of my favorite laugh spots for the past eight years has been Thursday Nights, 8PM, NBC. "Friends". I can't tell you why I absolutely love this show so much, but I do. My wife and I have spent the past eight years worth of Thursdays watching "Must See TV" from 8-11. No matter what was on. We call it our "date night" and other than having to tape episodes this past year because my wife has college classes, we never missed any of them.

Tonight was the much anticipated, much ballyhooed birth episode of "Friends." Waited for this for a while. Had to tape it because Sheila didn't get in until 8:20. So after ER (VERY good episode, but I again have to ask, CAN YOU PLEASE STOP KILLING CHILDREN?!), I rewound the tape and we watched "Friends."

And everything was great, funny, and well done. Fifty minutes goes by and I'm saying to myself, "You know, self, that ring that Ross' mom gave him should come into play any second now..."

An lo-and-behold, Pheobe gets Ross to wake up! Things are right in "Friendsville."

And suddenly... WHAMMO!

I assume most of you are familiar with the term, "Jump The Shark"? It refers to when Fonzie jumps a shark tank with his motorcycle at the end of one of the "Happy Days" seasons. The theory was, after that episode, "Happy Days" went down hill. I believe Ron Howard and Donny Most left that summer. "Jumping The Shark" refers to a show reaching it's peak and you know it's all downhill from there.

There is a website for it, check it out here: Jump The Shark - Chronicling the Moments of When TV Shows go Downhill

I suppose I should have seen this coming. Monica seems more interested in every guy around her than Chandler. (Mind you, they have only been married, supposedly, eight months now.) The whole Joey and Rachel thing was just SO DUMB to begin with. Now this.

Joey consoles Rachel who is upset after having a talk with JANICE! JANICE OF ALL FRIKKIN' PEOPLE! Janice has told her that Ross will move on, leaving her and the new baby alone. Joey comforts her and tells her she will never be alone, he promises.She runs out of tissues, they are UNDER ROSS' COAT (Guess where the ring is?), the ring falls out, Joey opens the box, turns to Rachel and she says yes.

And I saw Fonzie's taillights in her eyes as she said it. It is truly over for "Friends". I have put up with all the hairbrained shat they have come up with, but this takes the cake. This was not telling a story for the story's sake. This was purely to drag this out all summer. This was money motivated. This is not giving people what they want, yet.

Problem is, they have pussyfooted around the Ross and Rachel thing SO MUCH, they may have just lost a lot of people. Hell, they may have lost me. And I'm not alone. AOL's poll gives Ross & Rachel 75% of the votes (over 125,000 votes). Joey & Rachel 20%. I was just on Jump The Shark's website, a mere three hours after the episode aired, and already it has at least 11 votes. More than most of the episodes voted for "Jumping The Shark". The whole Joey & Rachel saga has 59 votes already, 1/3 as many as when Ross & Rachel did it.

Note to the writers of "Friends," you blew it. This whole Joey/Ross/Rachel love triangle is so friggin convuluted, it's a damned shame. Now this. You know how it is gonna end. This is all gonna be much ado about nothing and Joey loses again. Joey can't actually let her accept. He knows it's Ross' ring. Now this will tell rachel not to go with Ross, hence a whole season of Will-They-Or-Won't-They? Because if they actually keep Joey & Rachel together, you lose half the audience, and then you don't have to worry about trying to talk them into a 10th season.

I know there are things to get much more worked up about in life. I know this is a stupid TV show. But I watch it every week, I am attached to the storyline and the characters, and dammit this pissed me off. But at least I can vent here and get it off my chest.

Tomorrow, I'll rant about why I think George W. is killing us all and even he doesn't realize it.

I'm kidding


Lee 5/17/2002 12:49:00 AM [+]

Sunday, May 12, 2002

Rocker Down

Also, just a quick note... I have been invited to be a writer for Rocker Down! I have, of course, accepted and have already made my first posting there. It is about my favorite 10 guitar solos. Check it out!

Rocker Down is a site whose motto is, "Pissing off cowboys everywhere." It's a site by rock fans, for rock fans. Being in a rock band, I guess I kinda qualify...

I expect to be doing top 10 lists and album reviews over at Rocker Down, so check it out to see what I've been writing over there!


Lee 5/12/2002 10:49:00 PM [+]


Drives Me Wild... AGAIN!

Oh, real quick for all of you out there...

105.5 WDHA-FM played Drives Me Wild on the Homegrown Spotlight again on Monday, May 6th! A big thank you to Matt Murray who has seemed to take a liking to the song! You have helped to make a dream come true for three guys originally from Maplewood. One day I hope to meet you to shake your hand and buy you a beer!

Check out the Homegrown Spotlight every weeknight at 7:30 PM on 105.5 WDHA!

Lee 5/12/2002 10:43:00 PM [+]

Saturday, May 11, 2002

Dipper's (Part Deux)

9:04 PM Our friends Mike & Stacey Lacey show up. Haven't seen them in a long time and they look great! That's Mike's picture in my links section, it brings you to "Welcome To The Target Of My Insanity", Mike's awesome page! It has lots of great pics and stuff. Check it out!

9:08 PM Technical situation solved, Blair good to go.

9:09 PM Last second tune-ups... Darren hits the crowd with the request books and cards... "What song do you wanna open with?"

9:11 PM Good evening folks! We open with: Pearl Jam's "Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town", C.C.R.'s "Down On The Corner" and the Dead's "Franklin's Tower". The crowd responds very favorably! The front windows are open, the cool breeze feels awesome. We start up with the requests.

10:15 PM We do Denis Leary's "Asshole". It is one of the highpoints of the night, as the whole bar sings along. I kept laughing and screwing up the middle section, but the whole crowd chanted along at the sing-a-long "A-S-S-H-O-L-E!" Quite the sight!

10:30 PM The guy in the middle (below) is dancing like a fiend to everything. My man had moves!

Three of our newest friends! (Yes, that's me in the background...)

10:43 PM We start playing The Kinks "Lola", but Danny keeps looking outside behind him. I assume it is just a pretty girl... Or girls... You never know...

10:45 PM It is the police! Jinkies, fellas! The cops! Darren and Joe Turner go outside to talk to them.We keep playing, though distracted.

10:48 PM We take our first break and go outside to find out what happened.

Darren explaining to Danny & Lee (off camera) what the cops are here for. (It wasn't as serious as D looks here... But I would like to find out who is flipping the bird behind him...)

10:52 PM Not really any problems. Someone called in a complaint. Joe agrees to close the front windows, as the sound is pretty loud from outside. We, of course, are relieved and start planning set two. Darren grabs the camera and takes these.

Lee, Blair & Danny in front of Dipper's

Lee, Blair & Danny in front of Dipper's... Again (Darren was kneeling on Washington Street to take this shot!!!)

Lee, Blair & Danny in front of Dipper's... Again... But closer!

Blair, Lisa Del Valle & Lee as we head back in for set two.

11:10 PM Set two opens up and the place is absolutely mobbed! I am a little worried because my wife and mother have not showed up yet. Lotta highways between Union and Hoboken... Hmmm...

11:25 PM Lisa lets me know they are here, and with my sister-in-law Jina Orlando!

11:33 PM Everyone again sings along to a rousing version of Garth Brooks' "Friends In Low Places".

12:11 AM We take off for our second break. All three of us are now sweating profusely and get drinks... QUICKLY!

12:17 AM Sheila and I pose for Blair.

The Potchers, Lee & Sheila

Our man Darren with a friend.

One cool dude we met on the sidewalk in front of Dipper's.

12:21 AM A girl comes up to us as we are walking in the bar. The conversation goes like this:

Dan: Hey, where are you going, we're going right back on?

Girl: I know but the festival is tomorrow.

Lee: Festival?

Blair: What festival?

Girl: The Hoboken Arts & Crafts Festival. They have it like twice a year I live down across from one of the stages and I'm gonna be bartending downstairs from me so I got a long day I gotta get up at like 8 to get ready for work for 10 and the festival starts at like 11 so I need some sleep and I wish I could stay but I really can't I really loved you guys you sound great Well see ya bye!

She walked away, Dan looked at us and simply replied, "And this one time, when I was at band camp..."

We all were rolling on the sidewalk. Even the bouncer got a chuckle out of that one.

12:25 AM I start set three alone with Don McLean's "American Pie", trying to reclaim it from Madonna...

12:34 AM A packed Dipper's erupts into applause. Blair and Danny both shake my hand coming back up to the stage. I am out of breath but appreciative. We follow it with Blues Travelers "But Anyway." I am giving up cigarette smoking, it's bad for me, but anyway...

12:47 AM We got a request for Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run" which we don't know how to play... 264 songs on our song list, and people still ask for songs we don't play... =o)

12:48 AM We offer Bruce's "No Surrender" as an alternative. The crowd responds with a few cheers and singing along! We aim to please!

1:56 AM We finish up the night with a version of U2's "One" The bar goes nuts and we wish everyone a good night! Great show! Great town! Great people! Can't wait to go back!

2:03 AM Darren goes to get Blair's car from the parking garage. We start packing up our stuff. Joe Turner comes up and shakes my hand. "Great job! Great night!" He says. I am dead tired, but happy and proud. We did it! We pulled it off!


Blair putting the evidence in the car...

Darren bring out a speaker.

Sheila & Lee Potcher, Jina Orlando, Blair, Lisa Del Valle & Dan.

2:29 AM Lisa, Sheila, Jina my mom & Robert all go to a diner around the corner. Darren heads off to a diner with some people he has met that evening.

2:32 AM As we, (Danny, Blair and I) decide to leave to go to the Mark Twain diner in Union, Blair discovers he can't find his keys.

2:35 AM We all realize, Darren probably has them. Danny pages Darren.

2:55 AM We are out of Hoboken and on our way back to Union.

4:12 AM We are all falling asleep at the table at the Huck Finn. We have eaten, the show is over, we are off next weekend. We pay the bill and go home. See you at the Irish Cottage on the 19th!

Lee 5/11/2002 03:21:00 PM [+]

Friday, May 10, 2002

Goodbye Dr. Green

Okay, I promise to get back to the Dipper's story (I am writing it on Word and will copy it here...) but I just wanted to check in. We have had a few visitors this past week, and hope that as time goes by, more and more show up.

Welcome one and all!

What I did want to discuss, as dumb as it may sound, is last night's ER. The one where Dr. Green shuffles off this mortal coil.

Last weeks episode where the ER finds out he died was bad enough. Tear-jerker city. This week was a "grab-the-tissues-I'm-spewing-tears-in-bucketfuls" episode.

And it was not even the connection that you might feel with becoming"emotionally invested" in a character over 8 years. No. For me, it was Green and his daughter riding in the jeep and "Imagine" comes on the radio. This got me because my father taught me how to play this song on the piano when I was a boy. Dad's gone now. I danced with my mother to this song at my wedding (in tribute to dad). You get what I'm saying.

So here I am, pretty much a bawling wreck. And it starts up again when they play the beautiful version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by a Hawaiian singer, haunting in it's simple beauty. My wife is crying also, but not nearly as much as I am.


At the very end, his daughter has them stop the limo. She sees three balloons tied to a for sale sign. She unties one and let's it go (earlier, Green had told her she loved doing that as a child). My wife is now bawling. When her mother passed away a few years ago, her and her sibling did this as a tribute to their mother, releasing balloons.

I don't know how other people took this episode. But it definitely got to my wife and I by bring us back to losing one of our own parents. I thought it was well written, well acted, all that. But it just struck such a raw nerve with me emotionally.

I love the show, and have watched it every week, religiously, since it's inception. But I have one favor to ask the writers, can you please stop killing people? Every damned episode, someone dies. Babies, children, mothers, fathers, old people, cast members. I know it's realistic, but JESUS! The show has turned into a serious "Doom and Gloom" show now. Please lighten up next year. It's bad enough losing Green in such a heartwrenching way. Can you please stop constantly yanking on our emotional cord?

And a quick thanks to Anthony Edwards for doing such a fine job in his time on ER. He will be sorely missed.

See you again soon.

Lee 5/10/2002 02:35:00 PM [+]

Sunday, May 05, 2002


Sandwich Board in front of Dippers

May 4th, Hoboken, Overtime Unplugged!

A great night! Perfect weather, perfect place, perfect town, perfect crowd! It didn't start out too good though.

3:00 PM I call Dipper's to find out any last minute details.

"Hi, I'm with the band Overtime. We're playing there tonight."

"Hey, howya doin?"

"I'm doing good. Got a question for ya." (I have now lapsed into Jersey speak to match the bartenders accent.)


"What is load-in time ova there?" (I'm bringing up parts of the female anatomy?)

"Load-in time?"

"Yeah, load-in time." (A jersey habit, repeat someone's question for them in the form of a statement.)

"Well... I don't know. Hey!" He yells to someone in the bar. "Do we have a load-n time?"

And right there I knew things were gonna be off to a bumpy start.

We finally agree on 8:00 as out load-in time. On and playing by 9 PM. I call Blair and Danny to let them know this. I leave messages on their voice mail, as neither of them has their phones on.

5:00 PM I finally get in touch with Danny. He is home watching the kids (Kaitlin, Cassidy, Mackenzie & Patrick) while Melissa (his wife) is out running errands. He has already spoken to Blair...

Well... Yesterday.

It seems that Blair had Danny load only his bass drum, snare & hi-hat. Nothing else. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

The panic starts to set in.

We had discussed this a month ago, but we would do it only if we practised that way... We never did... I am nervous.

Blair also decided to bring only half the P.A. system(!) and was debating either bringing his bass rig (amp & speakers) or running directly into the sound board(!!)

I start to hyper-ventilate. I'm seeing stars. Does Blair realize this place is about 100 feet deep? And Danny's kit? And the bass through the P.A.? And... And... And...

"Danny, I am about go into a full blown panic attack."

"Calm down."

Allow me to explain. Not many people know this, but now that it's over, the story can be told. We played a 5 hour show last night in Hoboken, all acoustic.

We never practised all acoustic. We are an electric band

We had 50 new songs in the set list. We played about 20 of them last night.


Blair and I practised them together. Every week since we booked the show (in February), we have gotten together and practised. Weeding out stuff we could do from stuff we couldn't do.

But we never practised with Danny.

Danny learned by listening to five cds of music. 92 songs total. He was ready for 87 of them... (The other 5 we told him not to worry about.)

So quickly, my hat off to Blair & Dan. I knew these songs (which is how they got picked, one of us had to know them), they pulled their end of it together quite nicely. My thanks for their hard work, dilligence and excellence at their craft. I would not have tried this with any other musicians I know.

Blair and Danny look exhausted after the frantic load-in, five hours of playing and load out.

So here I am, worried about how this is gonna come off, and I get three bombshells dropped on me by Danny.

He quickly talks me out of my oncoming panic, and convinces me that the drums will not be a problem. I start to breath again. I have to call Blair.

5:47 PM I finally get ahold of Blair (by now panic is returning) and he assures me that half the P.A. should be fine. I'm not crazy about the "should be" part, but I roll with it.

Cause that's the kind of guy I am... =o)

The bass, he admits might draw some power away from the vocals through the P.A. so he compromises by bringing his bass amp but a smaller speaker.

I have calmed down, thankfully...

5:59 PM

This is from an e-mail I sent to Rob Matsushita...

Seeing Spidey tomorrow. Would go tonight, but got a show in Hoboken (first time there)... I have the usual pre-show butterflies... But for a REAL reason tonight... It's an acoustic show (which we have never done) and the set list is all request (which we do all the time) and we've put about 40 new songs in that WE HAVE NEVER PRACTISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Total improv!!!

But the crowd doesn't know this...


Sorry... Venting... I hope you understand...

8:02 PM

I am on the phone with Blair (FROM HOME!!!) getting directions to Dipper's for Sheila. (He's better with roads and stuff... I can get there by driving, no problemo.)

Blair tells me they are at the light coming off the Turnpike and about to turn towards Hoboken. Danny sees a guy on the side of the road and asks me if I want flowers.

I tell him to tell the moonie to piss off...

"No mon... He a rasta mon."

Okay then.

8:24 PM

I am passing Rasta Mon... (if any cops read this... sorry...)

8:28 PM

I am in front of Dipper's. So is the rest of the Northen Hemisphere... Needless to say, no parking.

8:33 PM

I have circled the block four times (again, sorry officer...) and am frantic for a spot. I see Danny and call him over. Blair and Darren (our roadie SUPREMO!) are nowhere to be found and all their equipment is on the sidewalk... Blair did a drop and run.

"Dude, unload now! The bar is packed and they are pissed. They want us on by nine!"

Well, I am no longer nervous about the unrehearsed songs because now I am in a LOAD-IN PANIC!!!!

8:38 PM

Unbelieveably, there is a spot right across the street. I hook a U (AGAIN, sorry officer...) and grab it. I feel blessed. (If you have ever seen Hoboken on a Saturday night, you KNOW how bad the parking situation is...)

8:43 PM

Blair has showed up. He is parked in a parking garage six(!) blocks away. He had to pay $20 to park.

"That's nice." Danny says. "Now SET UP!"

8:48 PM

Darren shows up. He is parked several block away as well.

"That's nice." Danny says. "Now SET UP!"

8:52 PM

Joe Turner, the manager of Dipper's, comes up to me. He gives me a handshake and a pat on the arm. He tells me it's nice to see me again. He tells me he's looking forward to a good show. He is smiling.

Oddly enough, he doesn't SEEM mad...

9:03 PM

Blair experiencing technical difficulties... We stand by...

Lee 5/05/2002 12:51:00 PM [+]

Saturday, May 04, 2002


Okay! Everything looks like it's ready to go! Counter, links, comments, background. So here we go! The first real entry!

'Plaint of the Playwright

This is the blog from my friend, Rob Matsushita. He is a playwright who lives in Wisconsin with his wife, actress Betsy Matsushita. He has written five plays and is premiering his sixth called Orange Murder Suit this September at the Broom Street Theater in Madison.

Check it out!

Lee 5/04/2002 12:39:00 PM [+]


Okay, another new look, but we got links!!!

Hang in there!

Lee 5/04/2002 12:20:00 PM [+]

Friday, May 03, 2002
Okay, changed the background to match the Overtime web site. Now to figure out how to put links on the damned page.

Almost there kids! Then let the fun begin!

Lee 5/03/2002 07:09:00 PM [+]


Just added comments...

Thanks to Site Meter for the counter!

Also, thanks to Yaccs for the comments! Check them out!

See ya later.

Lee 5/03/2002 10:54:00 AM [+]


Hey kids!

Still working on a few things. I'm gonna be chainging the look of things. And I can't seem to figure out why I don't have a comments link on the page.

BUT! It will all come together soon, and then I can start with the stories!

Lee 5/03/2002 09:47:00 AM [+]

Thursday, May 02, 2002

It seems we are up and running kiddies! Took a little while, but patience and persistance do pay off some times.

My name is E. Lee Potcher, and I am the singer/guitarist for New Jersey's hottest band, Overtime. This is going to be our daily weblog of what's going on with the band, how our shows went, perhaps some lyrics, ect.

I am trying to get Blair Tilley, our bassist, to post on here as well. Danny Wade, our drummer, is still in the dark ages and is not online yet... Perhaps one day...

For now, let me just welcome you all to our little corner of the world and promise to post as often as possible, hopefully at least once a day. Check back often! I'll keep a light on for you, and give you new stuff to read...

A quick shout out (oh, God... Please don't tell me I've become THAT asshole...) to my old buddy Rob Matsushita, a playwright from Wisconsin. He's the one who gave me the idea of doing this...

Cause I saw his...

I got jealous...

I jonesed and got one myself...

Doesn't make me a bad person, does it?

See you soon!

Lee 5/02/2002 02:01:00 PM [+]

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