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Wednesday, June 26, 2002


This started out as a comment to something Rusty over at RockerDown wrote, but I decided to offer a counterpoint to his point.


Because we can.

Because I can. The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights guarantees me the right to do so. (Course, it also allows Rusty to kick my ass off of his site, hence by ALSO posting this here...)

Let me start off by saying that I agree with Rusty's point.

Well, let's call it Rusty's rant, okay?

But allow me to play Devil's Advocate here...

What about Atheists? Or Satanists? Why should they swear to a God that in their eyes either a) doesn't exist, or b) they don't acknowledge? It is true that Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Muslims, even Buddhism all believe in one God, but what about (for instance) Hindus who believe in many?

You are asking people to swear to something they don't believe in, and (to nit pick) that kind of is against the Bill of Rights as well as the Constitution.

The Fifth Amendment allows us to choose to speak, as well as to not speak. (How many times have you heard someone in court pleade the fifth?) So if someone is against not saying the Pledge, I would stand behind them, as any American should.


Personally, I am not down with all the farking nit picking that Americans do, and I find this whole thing silly. Why have the Pledge declared un-Constitutional? If you have a problem with it, just DON'T SAY THE DAMNED THING! This is my entire take on censorship (other than with children, because they don't know any better). If you don't like something, if you don't agree with something, then simply don't buy it, read it, watch it, listen to it or eat it. HOWEVER, DON'T tell me that I CAN'T because it offends YOU! I have as much a right to do it as you have to NOT to do it!

I'll solve the whole farking problem right here, right now.

Change the line, "...One nation, under God" to "...One nation, under A God." Or how about a Benevolent Being? An Omniscient Oracle? A Grand High Exalted Poobah?

Folks, get your nose of of MY God-damned business!

I promise, I won't tell you how to live if you don't tell me how to...

And for all of you REAL Americans out there, say it loud, say it proud, say your PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE like they taught you in SCHOOL!

I pledge allegiance to the FLAG
And to the REPUBLIC for which it stands,
With Liberty And Justice for ALL!

Now, I am going to go load my Constitutionally-protected firearm, scream some Constitutionally-protected obscenities and burn a few pictures of Hitler, Bin Laden and Hussein on my front lawn... Because I am allowed to by this countries law!

Okay, I'm not gonna do any of that... But I could...

Peace and chicken grease my brethren...

Lee 6/26/2002 07:24:00 PM [+]

Sunday, June 23, 2002

An Open Message To All Cardinals, Kile & Baseball Fans...

I was shocked this morning when I went to ESPN.com to read about the Yankees 1-0 win last night over the Padres (I was at a family party all day and didn't see the game), when I saw the terrible news that St. Louis Cadinals pitcher, Darryl Kile, was found dead in his hotel room.

I was in total shock and disbelief.

He was a 33 years old, father of three.

My boss and I play a game called APBA and has Kile on his team. We were just talking about him this past week after his great outing on Tuesday. How could this man have died? No accident, no foul play?

And then the memories came flooding back to me. The memories of an eight year old who loved Thurman Munson, only to be told one sad August day in 1979 that he had died.

I understand what Cardinals fans and fans of Mr. Kile are going through. As do all Yankees fans. As do fans of the Angels from when Lyman Bostock died.

The death of a player is a hard thing to deal with, even harder when it happens mid-season. Harder still when there appears to be no reason for it to have happened. (Munson was killed in a plane crash, Bostock was killed in a drive-by shooting.)

My condolences to the Kile family, the Cardinals family, and all fans of Darryl Kile everywhere. I understand only too well how you all are feeling right now.

Sometimes something transcends the game, and you just have to stop and pay a little tribute to it. Here is mine, in traditional baseball style, Kile's number...


Lee 6/23/2002 12:03:00 PM [+]

Friday, June 21, 2002

When Did Musical Ideals Sell Out?

Folks, I am a little bit older than some of you, younger than others, I expect. But I remember some things quite clearly when it comes to music.

I remember then you actually had to be able to carry a tune or play an instrument to sell records. Not so anymore. Now if you can rhyme "ho" and "yo", you've got a fighting chance.

I remember when bands formed in their parents garages, infuriating neighbors. Now they are packaged products by multi-billion dollar producers.

I remember when signing with a major label after being on an indie made you a "sell out". Now, it is commonplace and they are just "getting their share of the pie."

I remember when it was the songs, not the show that mattered. Hello bubblegum boy bands.

I remember when a group lost a Grammy for lip synching... Now Janet and Brittney and their ilk do it every show...

And I especially remember when if your song was used in a commercial, you were ostracized! Now, Moby goes platinum by selling every song on his album to commercials.

Led Zeppelin licenses "Rock and Roll" to Cadillac... Rush licenses "Tom Sawyer" to (I think it was) acura. The Beatles songs in Sun Chips commercials... Sheryl Crow's "Soak Up The Sun" and "A Change (Would Do You Good)" licensed to anyone under the sun.

Somewhere along the line, it became okay for these artists (who for decades made such a big deal about their integrity, "I'll never sells my songs for commercials... I'm not a jingle writer...") to sell out... Literally!

And we, the public that always had forced them to toe that "non-sell-out" line, have bought into this hook line and sinker.

Does anyone else out there have a problem with this? Have our ideals, and those of our rock stars gone to hell? Is there no integrity anymore?

This rant was brought to you by Rob Matsushita's play, FACEvalue and by the band Overtime.

Lee 6/21/2002 11:56:00 AM [+]

Thursday, June 20, 2002

From The Archives... The Fight Sequence

With Rob, Baker & Potch.... The Bastard Squad...

Hello chillun... Got some pictures to share with you, taken from a video tape we made the last time I saw my friends Rob Matsushita and Chris Baker, about 15 years ago. We were filming a fight sequence which I was going to edit together in high school. Never did, but had plenty of footage. I took some photos which I'll share with you here. Move your cursor over each picture for a cool little tag line...

And no, I have no idea why the pictures are so far down the page...

Rob... Man of Action... Matsushita... Getting ready to kick some ass! If you look carefully, you can actually see him smile... Follow me kiddies, I've got a surprise for you...
Baker drawing attention to himself... Nice drop kick, Chris! Strike a pose... A karate pose... Go ahead motherfucker... knock it off...
Call me Wolf... Donatello Wolf... The face off... Chris trying to KICK his face off...
Baker about to strike Rob takes a kick to nowhere near his face! Rob hangs on for dear life. Baker leaps off the jungle gym
Baker, nothing but air... Baker's signature tumble You know, at this point, Rob's really getting fucked up... And, of course, the butterfly knife comes out
Just missed Rob grabbing the knife Rob blocks Chris and removes said knife from Baker's paws... Missed the shot... GOT IT! Enter the Dragon motherfucker!
Rob GRABS the knife Rob waiting between takes... He looks soooooo happy... What the? Who's that fat, long -haired man? It's a blimp... It's a whale... No! We're talking fucking Lee!
Get ready for liftoff... Rob actually was airborne. I was apologizing as I tossed him like a rag doll... The over the bar flip... Try this now, pal! I believe I smacked his head into the bar as I was picking him up... Either that or he faked it REEAAALLL good.
Me punching the shit out of Rob, part one... Part two... Part Three And Part Four.
From Rob's vantage point, my fist pounding him. The windup and the pitch... Lee punching Rob part five... 'I'm gonna start really hitting this motherfucker right here...' Rob (really) tossed dirt in my face...
Rob breaks my neck. He gleefully filmed this scene three times... Baker tackles the SHIT out of Matsu. I am lying on the ground yelling out 'OW!' as Chris laughs... Nice... A great shot of Rob and Chris about to tumble onto each other.
They run to grab weapons Baker charges with the knife... But Lee's body is mysteriously gone... Hmmm... The Baker tumble... Soon followed by the Bobby Bash... The kill... Ew...
Chris grabs the staff... 'You bastard' Fade to black... Scene over... Forgotten scene... Fat Man Running...

Okay, so that's it. The particulars:

Directed by: Potch

Written by: Rob, Chris and Lee.

Produced by: Lee, Rob & Chris

Starring: Rob as "The Japanese Guy"

Chris as "The Black Guy"

Lee as "That Fat Motherfucker"

Camera: Lee & Chris

So that's my story, sad but true. Rob had bad 80's photos over on `Plaint Of The Playwright... I got bad 80's videos!

Lee 6/20/2002 10:58:00 PM [+]

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