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Friday, February 28, 2003

More Random Thoughts

  • Mr. Rogers has died. You know, if I allowed myself to REALLY think about it, I would probably start crying like I did when Sparky Schulz died.

  • In the past few months, I have discovered three shows on TV that I have instantly grown to LOVE: Oz, 24 and The Shield. If you haven't seen them yet, rent the damned DVD's. They are some of the best written, gritty shows TV has EVER attempted. Great, great stuff.

  • Couple of new websites to tell you about. (And what do you know, I am at least slightly involved in all three.) First, me and a few guys from my job have started Knickerbocker Movie Reviews, where each of us gives our own point of view on a movie. Second is a FARK-like site that was just started (with Drew from FARK's blessing, mind you) by my good friend Roughy at UE. What's it called? Blinktag.org. Third, Rob Matsushita and I have been collaborating on a story for a few months now and we've decided to start sharing it with the public. Check it out at Killer High.

  • The more I think about it, the more I think this whole bullshit in Iraq is about Bush Jr. trying to finish the job Bush Sr. started 13 years ago.

  • I saw something about Justin TImberlake. Apparently he's going to be guest starring on "Will & Grace" playing a gay guy. Shouldn't be too much of a stretch. Have you ever seen someone who looked so BAD trying to say things normal guys just SAY. Fucktard.

  • Watched the Grammy's last Sunday and have to admit, it was one of the better award shows I have seen in a while. Why? Well, for starters, NO ONE LIP SYNCHED. Norah Jones had a slight mistake. Faith Hill sounded like she was sick (but sang her fucking heart out anyway). It was GREAT. It was also nice to see people HONESTLY surprised to be winning. This whole youth group that's come in (save for Avril Lavigne who seems to have her attitude set on OVERKILL) seem to be a bunch of appreciative, humble people. Thank god, as bling bling is really starting to piss me THE FUCK OFF!

More some other time. Chew on those nuggets for now.

Lee 2/28/2003 04:12:00 PM [+]

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Leave It To Python...

I just got this in my morning e-mails from his Holiness, Pope Buck I. (prooving that yes, I DO read them... Or at least some of them...)

All I'll say about it is this: Leave it to Terry Jones of Monty Python to put it all into perspective...

A letter to the London Observer from Terry Jones (of Monty Python).

Letter to the Observer

Sunday January 26, 2003

The Observer

I'm really excited by George Bush's latest reason for bombing Iraq: he's running out of patience. And so am I! For some time now I've been really pissed off with Mr Johnson, who lives a couple of doors down the street.

Well, him and Mr Patel, who runs the health food shop. They both give me queer looks, and I'm sure Mr Johnson is planning something nasty for me, but so far I haven't been able to discover what.

I've been round to his place a few times to see what he's up to, but he's got everything well hidden. That's how devious he is. As for Mr Patel, don't ask me how I know, I just know - from very good sources - that he is, in reality, a Mass Murderer. I have leafleted the street telling them that if we don't act first, he'll pick us off one by one. Some of my neighbours say, if I've got proof, why don't I go to the police? But that's simply ridiculous.

The police will say that they need evidence of a crime with which to charge my neighbours.

They'll come up with endless red tape and quibbling about the rights and wrongs of a pre-emptive strike and all the while Mr Johnson will be finalising his plans to do terrible things to me, while Mr Patel will be secretly murdering people.

Since I'm the only one in the street with a decent range of automatic firearms, I reckon it's up to me to keep the peace. But until recently that's been a little difficult. Now, however, George W. Bush has made it clear that all I need to do is run out of patience, and then I can wade in and do whatever I want!

And let's face it, Mr Bush's carefully thought-out policy towards Iraq is the only way to bring about international peace and security. The one
certain way to stop Muslim fundamentalist suicide bombers targeting the US or the UK is to bomb a few Muslim countries that have never threatened us.

That's why I want to blow up Mr Johnson's garage and kill his wife and children. Strike first! That'll teach him a lesson. Then he'll leave us in peace and stop peering at me in that totally unacceptable way.

Mr Bush makes it clear that all he needs to know before bombing Iraq is that Saddam is a really nasty man and that he has weapons of mass
destruction even if no one can find them. I'm certain I've just as much justification for killing Mr Johnson's wife and children as Mr Bush has for bombing Iraq.

Mr Bush's long-term aim is to make the world a safer place by eliminating 'rogue states' and 'terrorism'. It's such a clever long-term aim because how can you ever know when you've achieved it?

How will Mr Bush know when he's wiped out all terrorists? When every single terrorist is dead? But then a terrorist is only a terrorist once he's
committed an act of terror. What about would-be terrorists? These are the ones you really want to eliminate, since most of the known terrorists,
being suicide bombers, have already eliminated themselves.

Perhaps Mr Bush needs to wipe out everyone who could possibly be a future terrorist? Maybe he can't be sure he's achieved his objective until
every Muslim fundamentalist is dead? But then some moderate Muslims might convert to fundamentalism. Maybe the only really safe thing to do
would be for Mr Bush to eliminate all Muslims?

It's the same in my street. Mr Johnson and Mr Patel are just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of other people in the street who I don't like and who - quite frankly - look at me in odd ways. No one will be really safe until I've wiped them all out. My wife says I might be going too far but I tell her I'm simply using the same logic as the President of the United States. That shuts her up.

Like Mr Bush, I've run out of patience, and if that's a good enough reason for the President, it's good enough for me. I'm going to give the whole street two weeks - no, 10 days - to come out in the open and hand over all aliens and interplanetary hijackers, galactic outlaws and interstellar terrorist masterminds, and if they don't hand them over nicely and say 'Thank you', I'm going to bomb the entire street to kingdom come.

It's just as sane as what George W. Bush is proposing - and, in contrast to what he's intending, my policy will destroy only one street.

Lee 2/18/2003 09:43:00 AM [+]

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Some Links For You

Couple of things...

  • Met up with my friend Chris this past Tuesday at Midtown Comics in the city.This place is like a comic book fan's Mecca. It has EVERYTHING...

  • When meeting with Chris, I also met for the first time his wife, Claire, who runs a store called Copabananas in Montclair, New Jersey. Check out the store or the website, as it, like Claire, is quite cool!

  • Just wanted to give a quick shout out (God, I am sooooo white bread...) to our old friend Jay and his band, The Arsons. Jay used to be the guitarist for the punk band, Warzone, as well as for an earlier version of Overtime called Self Defense.

  • You like TV? You want a website to laugh your ass off to? Check out Television Without Pity. It is addictive, so beware!

  • One last link for now. Musician, singer, & genius, Warren Zevon, has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The way he is dealing with it is nothing short of extraordinary to me. Check out this fabulous article on this very vital, very intelligent, quite amazing writer.

So, hope you enjoy!

Lee 2/06/2003 02:19:00 PM [+]

Monday, February 03, 2003

Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts that have been kicking around in my head...

  • Soldier Of Fortune is one AWESOME frikkin' game for the PC. It is a first-person shooter game where you are essentially hunting bad guys. The cool thing, is it is EXTREMELY bloody! There are also like 26 individual spots on your targets body that can be hit. (And before you complain, hey, I gotta get my agression out somewhere...)

  • If you have ever read comic books, or even if you haven't, I suggest you all run out and pick up the beginning of Neil Gaiman's short-lived Sandman series. This series (along with The Dark Knight) turned the comic world upside down and helped put the emphasis back on writing from the art. I recently reread all 75 issues and have to say it still holds up quite well. The detail, the history, the storytelling are ALL awesome. And Gaimain's use of super-subtle foreshadowing is top-notch. It may be "just" a comic book, but it is more like an entire universe Gaiman has created. Trust me, read it.

  • I am currently reading "Choke" by Chuck Palaniuk. This book is an awful lot of fun. If you liked "Fight Club" or his book "Survivor" then "Choke" is a must read.

  • Someone mentioned to me they had the thought that perhaps the space shuttle was blown up... By US... To this I say: Give me one, valid, verifiable MOTIVE. What can ANYBODY had to gain from Columbia blowing up? Come on...

  • I have this real love of good bread and butter that I like to satiate occasionally.

  • The above might just have some small part in my being a fatass...

  • Phil Spector is being held for murder. What the fuck is WRONG with the FUCKING WORLD?!?!?! Have you all gone MAD?!

  • If I have one more close call with some asshat on a cell phone while driving, I am gonna follow them, run them off the road, pull them out of their vehicle and BEAT THEM WITH THAT FUCKING PHONE. This to be followed IMMEDIATELY by insertion of said phone in their rectum. Fucktards.

  • Maurice Gibb died recently, the Bee Gees are no more... Is this some kind of mixed blessing?

  • Joe Strummer also died recently. Nell Carter too. Not a good time to be famous and in your 50's...

  • Want a great song to listen to? Band: Ides Of March / Song: Vehicle. Go ahead, download it, but it, whatever... But THEN try telling me you weren't tapping your foot. I'll accuse you of being so white, you're a polar bear. No, scratch that, polar bears would like that song. You'd be Wonder bread.

  • My wife loves it, I am not the biggest fan... Chicken Stew.

  • I love it, my wife won't eat it... Steak.

  • Mutual food hate? Fish. Mutual food love? Pizza!

Well, that's all for now. More later.

Lee 2/03/2003 03:45:00 PM [+]

Sunday, February 02, 2003

When Super Science Mingles With The Bright Stuff Of Dreams...

Michael Anderson - David Brown - Kalpana Chawla - Laurel B. Clark - Rick D. Husband - William McCool - Ilan Ramon

Where were you?

April 12th, 1981.

The day that John Young and Robert Crippen piloted the first space shuttle, Columbia, into outer space for the first time.

April 14th, 1981.

Young and Crippen arrive home safely, after keeping the country, no, the world on pins and needles for two days.

January 28th, 1986.

The space shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after takeoff, killing all on board.

February 1st, 2003.


Where were you?

You won't soon forget yeterday.

That sick feeling you got in your stomach when you heard on the tv, radio, from a friend that "Something has gone wrong... They lost contact with the Space Shuttle..."

That horrible feeling of loss for people you don't even know.

You watch the footage, you hear the recording, you see the debris, you look at their faces in the paper.

And you just absorb the shock of it all.

I mean, after Apollo 13, we're supposed to be bulletproof on space problem, right? I mean we ALWAYS bring them home from outer space. (True, some haven't MADE it that far, but the ones that did always came home.)

But, as George W. Bush put rather eloquently yesterday, "The crew of the shuttle Columbia did not return safely to earth but we can pray they are safely home."

It's like another punch to the gut.

I mean, after 9/11... Just sixteen short months later, our nation grieves again.

We wonder about terrorism again.

And it all is just... painful.

I pray for those lost in the tragedy of the space shuttle Columbia. I hope their families can take some solace in the condolences of the world. It doesn't bring those seven brave people back, but it's something, a crutch to lean on, a shoulder to cry on... Something.

I will leave you with this, written in 1982 by Neil Peart of Rush about Columbia's first, historic mission. It was "Dedicated with thanks to astronauts Young & Crippen and all the people of NASA for their insipration and cooperation."

In this time of great loss and sadness, it is good to read inspiring words that might offer a glimpse into why we take these chances in space as we do... (If you can get your hands on this song, I suggest it)


Lit up with anticipation
We arrive at the launching site
The sky is still dark, nearing dawn
On the Florida coastline

Circling choppers slash the night
With roving searchlight beams
This magic day when super-science
Mingles with the bright stuff of dreams

Floodlit in the hazy distance
The star of this unearthly show
Venting vapours, like the breath
Of a sleeping white dragon

Crackling speakers, voices tense
Resume the final count
All systems check, T minus nine
As the sun and the drama start to mount

The air is charged - a humid, motionless mass
The crowds and the cameras,
The cars full of spectators pass
Excitement so thick - you could cut it with a knife
Technology - high, on the leading edge of life

The earth beneath us starts to tremble
With the spreading of a low black cloud
A thunderous roar shakes the air
Like the whole world exploding

Scorching blast of golden fire
As it slowly leaves the ground
Tears away with a mighty force
The air is shattered by the awesome sound

Like a pillar of cloud, the smoke lingers
High in the air
In fascination - with the eyes of the world
We stare...

Peace. Faith. Hope. Love.

Lee 2/02/2003 11:25:00 PM [+]

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